Welcome to the Neon Punk

pioneers of the cybernetic age

Born in the neon-lit streets of the future, we're part human, part cyborg, transcending human limitations through technology. Our journey is marked by levels of cybernetic evolution, facilitated by special incubation pods. Join us as we shape our destiny in a world where the line between human and machine is blurred.

About Us

We are the Neon Punk, a diverse group of beings, part human, part cyborg. Born as humans, we've chosen to embrace technology, transcending our human limitations. Our society is structured around different levels of cybernetic enhancements, each level representing a step further in our evolutionary journey. Join us in our quest for evolution.

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The Neon Punk

Meet the Neon Punk, beings at different levels of cybernetic evolution. Level 1 Punks are free to mint for those who participated in the Neon Link presale and EVM sale, and they also receive a Level 1 pod for upgrading. Join us in our quest for evolution, embrace the power of technology, and become a part of our story.


Cyber Blaze
A fiery spirit with a passion for justice, Cyber Blaze is always ready to lead the charge.
Neon Nova
With her radiant personality and brilliant mind, Neon Nova lights up every room she enters.
Quantum Quake
Known for his powerful presence and unshakeable resolve, Quantum Quake is a force to be reckoned with.
Digital Drift
A wanderer at heart, Digital Drift is always on the move, seeking new adventures and experiences.
Pixel Phantom
Mysterious and elusive, Pixel Phantom moves in the shadows, always watching, always waiting.
Binary Blitz
Quick-thinking and agile, Binary Blitz is always one step ahead of the game.
Techno Torrent
With his relentless energy and unstoppable drive, Techno Torrent sweeps away all obstacles in his path.
Circuit Cipher
A master of codes and secrets, Circuit Cipher is the go-to Punk for all things cryptic.
Vortex Vector
Known for his strategic mind and precise actions, Vortex Vector always hits his target.
Pulse Pulsar
With her vibrant energy and infectious enthusiasm, Pulse Pulsar is the life of every party.
Giga Ghost
Silent but deadly, Giga Ghost is a master of stealth and surprise attacks.
Nano Nebula
Small but mighty, Nano Nebula proves that size isn't everything.
Zeta Zenith
Always striving for perfection, Zeta Zenith is the epitome of dedication and determination.
Echo Ether
A Punk of few words, Echo Ether lets his actions speak louder than words.
Laser Lynx
Quick, agile, and sharp-eyed, Laser Lynx is the ultimate hunter in the neon jungle.

Our suite of products across both video games and blockchain/smart contract technology, as well as emerging technologies create an exciting environment that facilitates value creation, exchange and retention.

Who Can Mint?

Minting a Neon Punk is open to everyone, with special privileges for whitelisted wallet holders and those who participated in the Neon Link presale and EVM sale. Whitelisted users and presale participants can mint Neon Punks for free, while others can mint a Neon Punk for 500 NEONLINK.

How to Mint?

Minting a Neon Punk is a straightforward process

your wallet

Click on the "Connect Wallet" button and follow the prompts to connect your wallet to our website.

Check your status

Once your wallet is connected, your status will be reflected on the page. Whitelisted users and Neon Link presale and EVM sale participants can mint one and two Punks respectively for free, and will also receive an extra free pod. All other users can mint one Neon Punk for 500 NEONLINK.

your Punk

Browse through the available Level 1 Neon Punks and select the one you wish to mint.


Click on the "Mint" button and confirm the transaction in your wallet. Once the transaction is confirmed, the Neon Punk will be added to your wallet.